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INFORMATION ON THIS SITE SHOULD NOT REPLACE MEDICAL ADVICE. See your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms.  

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new diet program.


Learn about the Low FODMAP Diet (LFD) from Rachel Adams, MS, RDN, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist awarded a certificate of training in the LFD from Monash University. Rachel will guide you through the LFD using The FODMAP Fix™ – an online, 4-week LFD education course.* 

This is the only 100% online, LFD course tested in a clinical trial. The program improved IBS symptoms in most participants and evaluations from participants were used to make the course even better!


The FODMAP Fix™ is designed as an online course with modules and video-based lessons that are easy to follow - even if you are new to online learning.  It includes 2 weeks of education (4 modules total) guiding you through the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet plus two additional modules (one per week) on how to reintroduce FODMAPs into your diet.

There are two plans for purchase: Basic or Plus. 

  • Basic: Access to the 4-week low FODMAP diet program including all modules and downloadable resources for the elimination and reintroduction phases of the dietPlus:

  • Plus: You get the basic plan PLUS access to 4, 20-minute live coaching and Q&A webinars where I answer your FODMAP questions. This option is only available once every four weeks. Fill out the form below and tell me when you would like to start and I'll let you know when the next group kicks off.

While working with a dietitian one-on-one is the best choice for many people, it isn't always feasible. There is a lack of dietitians well-trained on the LFD and most insurance companies won't cover visits for IBS. The solution? The FODMAP Fix™ is an affordable, easily accessible, and convenient 100% online program designed and led by a Monash-trained dietitian. 

Purchase the Basic Plan for only $49 or the Plus Plan for $99. While the program is 4-weeks long, you will have access to the content for 8-weeks and the downloads are yours to keep!


*Food is not included with this program. It is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please speak with your doctor before starting a new diet program.

Interested in the $99 Plus plan?